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Bird Stop
Vine Eye Corner Timber Fixing 100mm
Vine Eye Corner Timber Fixing 100mm
Vine Eye Corner Timber Fixing 100mm
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  • Vine eyes are used as corner fixings for netting being fixed to timber
  • Our vine eyes are available in galvanised and stainless steel
  • vine eyes can also be used in Masonry with red wall plugs
  • Vine eyes measure 100mm X 4mm
  • Vine eyes available in grade 304 stainless steel or galvanised steel


Internal eye diameter 7mm s/s and 10mm galvanised

Shaft length 80mm

Threaded section of shaft 20mm

Wire diameter 4mm


Bird Netting perimeter cable corner fixing for timber substrates, use one every 10m or wherever netting perimeter wire rope needs to start, terminate or turn a corner.

Also ideal for gardening, allotments, and as the name suggests, grape vine cables

Vine Eyes 100mm Galvanised Steel (NF166)14.99100 Pack ex.VAT
Vine Eyes 100mm Stainless Steel (NF167)29.99100 Pack ex.VAT
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