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UltrasonX 4-Channel Ultrasonic Deterrent
UltrasonX 4-Channel Ultrasonic Deterrent
UltrasonX 4-Channel Ultrasonic Deterrent
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  • Weatherproof 4-speaker ultrasonic (virtually silent) device to deter birds, foxes, cats and rodents
  • Ideal for deterring pest pigeons, gulls & other birds from large areas up to 330 square meters
  • Four remote (wired) speakers can be placed up to 30m from control unit
  • High frequency sounds cause temporary discomfort, driving birds away
  • Powerfull 95-102 dB output from each speaker
  • 15-25 KHz Frequency range


Use UltrasonX to deter pest birds from under petrol station cannopies, eaves, porches, hotel courtyards / atriums, small roof areas, car park decks, open-air restaurants or food courts, parks and picnic areas.

Covers up to 3600 square feet, 8-10 meters in front of each speaker in an oval dispersal pattern. Speakers must have line of site with pest birds to be effective. High frequency output does not travel around corners or through solid objects.


  • 1 Control unit
  • 4 Speakers each with 30 meters of cable
  • 220vDC power adaptor
  • Mounting hardware & instructions

Each of the UltrasonX's four speakers come with 30 meters of cable so that they can be placed remotely from the control unit allowing highly flexible configuration to your specific requirements.


Ideal for commercial / light industrial use outdoors or indoors where silent operation is essential. e.g. offices, restaurants, bars, hotels, and apartment blocks.

Highly effective for protecting courtyards, cannopies, atriums, eaves, entrance vestibules, and forecourts.

Highly successful on many species of birds although not bird specific and may effect any mammal within 8-10 meters of the speaker.

It is a criminal offence in the UK and indeed the rest of the EU to use a sonic deterrent for the purposes of disturbing bats in particular to deter them from roosting. All bats and roosts are protected by the law in the UK/EU. If you are experiencing issues with bats, please call the Bat Conservation Trust on 0345 1300 228.

Instructions and Technical Guide

UltrasonX Instructions

UltrasonX Instructions

AD021 UltrasonX 4-Channel Ultrasonic Deterrent833.31Each ex.VAT
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