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Surface Activator 500ml
Surface Activator 500ml
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  • 3-in-1 cleaner, degreaser and etch-primer. Supplied in 500ml flasks
  • Activates non-porous surfaces such as plastics, synthetic coatings and metals for improved adhesion of our Soudal Silirub N silicone spike adhesive and Fix All adhesive
  • Apply with clean paper towel or tissue. Drying time 5 minutes.
  • Always read the label before use.


Surface Activator is a cleaner, degreaser and chemical-etch primer all-in-one. It will activate non-porous surfaces such as plastics, coatings, metals and even glass for improved adhesion of our Soudal Silirub N silicone spike adhesive and Fix-All High-Tack adhesive.

Mask around the area to be treated to avoid over-spill, (Surface Activator dulls shiny non-porous surfaces), only activate the immediate area to be adhered to. Moisten a paper towel or clean lint-free cloth wwith some Activator and wipe over the area to be adhered to. Leave for five minutes to flash-off. The area is now ready to be adhered to. Do not touch the area once it has been activated, as oil from your skin will contaminate the surface.

You will not require our Surface Cleaner if you are using Surface Activator.

Supplied in 500ml flasks.

Warning, always read the label before use. Please read the safety data sheet below

Instructions and Technical Guide

Safety Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet

Bird Spikes Installation Guide

Bird Spikes Installation Guide

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