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Super Quadblaster QB-4 With Integrated Strobe Light
Super Quadblaster QB-4 With Integrated Strobe Light
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  • Integrated Strobe Light
  • Silent Ultrasonic 4 Speaker Bird Repeller
  • Powerful 112 dB Output From Each Speaker
  • Indoor Use Only
  • Effective Against All Species of Birds
  • Mounts in Any Direction To Send Sound Where You Need It
  • Optional Extension Speaker


Stop annoying bird pests from causing property damage and increasing your maintenance overheads. Eliminate dangerous health and safety hazards. Rid your premises of unsightly bird droppings. Avoid persistent bird infestation.

The irritating sound waves produced by the ultrasonic bird repeller QB-4 will not harm birds, but will attack them aggressively in any enclosed or semi-enclosed areas where they roost.

The integrated strobe light acts as a visual scare which increases the deterrent of the pest birds.

The adjustable variations in pitch and sequencing make it difficult for the birds to acclimatise to any constant sound pattern.

The unit uses less current than a 10 watt bulb, costing only pennies a day to operate. The new Bird-X QB-4 uses solid-state electronic circuitry to produce harsh, but harmless, UHF sound waves.


Install QB-4 wherever birds infest under cover. These systems are highly effective against roosting and perching birds. However you must ensure that all food sources are removed and any nest sites are removed before installing the system for it to be completely effective. Use QB-4 in industrial plants, warehouses and semi-enclosed locations such a loading bays, railway sidings, tunnels, eaves, canopies, atriums, shopping malls, underpasses and storage sheds

Installation couldn't be easier. Mount the QB-4 in any direction - on any surface. There's no "top" or "bottom" to the unit, so it can be mounted in any direction - on any plane - with screws, nails, wires or adhesives. Just plug it into any 220V AC outlet and watch your bird problems fly away.

It is a criminal offence in the UK and indeed the rest of the EU to use a sonic deterrent for the purposes of disturbing bats in particular to deter them from roosting. All bats and roosts are protected by the law in the UK/EU. If you are experiencing issues with bats, please call the Bat Conservation Trust on 0345 1300 228.

Instructions and Technical Guide

Quadblaster Instructions

Quadblaster Instructions

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AD071 Super Quadblaster QB-4 With Integrated Strobe Light868.06Each ex.VAT
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