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Scarborough Chimney Spike Kit
Scarborough Chimney Spike Kit
Scarborough Chimney Spike Kit
Scarborough Chimney Spike Kit
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  • Stainless steel spike system the protects chimneys from seagulls and other pest birds
  • Made from 3mm diameter stainless steel rods
  • Supplied flat, spikes can be bent into the desired position
  • Wedge, screw or cement into position
  • Can be placed inside pots, between rows of pots or in the "V" shaped area where the stack meets roof


The Scarborough chimney spike comprises a number of 3mm diameter stainless steel rods welded together.

The system is flat-packed for ease of transportation. It can be bent into the desired shape on site using a pair of pliers


Supplied flat, each set can be bent into a suitable spike cluster on site, using pliers, for use against nesting gulls, particularly on and around the chimney stacks of domestic properties.

Method 1: Inside the chimney pot.This method is suitable for stopping seagulls from landing on the rim of the chimney pot. This is often the seagull's favourite landing point as it is the highest available landing point on your property. Simply bend each side of the Scarborough spike into a fan that is 3-4 inches wider than the diameter of the chimneypot, then wedge the Scarboruogh Chimney Spike inside the pot until only 6-7 inches of the spikes are protruding above the rim of the pot, this is sufficiently longer than a seagull's inside leg measurement!! and hence enough to prevent it landing.

Method 2: In between parallel rows of pots.This method is suitable for stopping seagulls from nesting in between the chimmneypots on double-row stacks of 4 or more chimney pots. Use one Scarborough Chimney Spike per pair of pots. i.e. 2 for a 4-pot chimney, 3 for a 6-pot chimney or 4 for a 8-pot chimney. Fold out the Scarborough spike into a double-fan shape and lay down the middle of the pots in a continuos fashion with no gaps greater than 100mm between the tips of each system. Cement ofr screw the units in place. Serious consideration should also be given to placing a system in each of the pots as the gulls will still be able to land on the pots when the spikes are in position in the gap between the pots.

Method 3: In the V-Shaped area behind the chimneystack where the stack meets a pitched roof.This method is used when the seagulls are nesting in the v-shaped groove behind chimney where it meets the pitched roof. Use one scarborough spike system for every 300mm of width of the chimneystack. Open the system into a double-fan shape such that the spikes point up the slope of the roof. Secure the longest rod to the back of the chimney stack brickwork top and bottom using the screws and clips provided, to firmly anchor it in position. Do not leave any gapo greater than 100mm either beside or in between multiple spike systems.

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