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S Clip De-Mountable Net Fixing
S Clip De-Mountable Net Fixing
S Clip De-Mountable Net Fixing
S Clip De-Mountable Net Fixing
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  • Removable plastic clips for joining netting to perimeter wire
  • Ideal for use in areas where regular access behind the netting is needed.
  • Allows netting to be easily drawn back past intermmediate fixings
  • Commonly used on balcony netting to allow it to be drawn back
  • Can be used to join two nets together


Moulded black HDPE plastic clip, UV stablised for outdoor use as either a netting to perimeter fixing or netting access / repair fixing allowing the net to be easily de-mounted for access and servicing procedure on equipment that may be behind the net i.e. camera heads, light fittings and smoke alarm heads etc

One end has a locking nib which will ensure that the S-Clip does not drop away and become lost when undone.


When being used as a net-to-perimeter fixing clip the end with the nib through the net and the open end over the perimeter wire rope. This will allow the bet to be easily de-mounted from the perimeter wire rope

When being used to repair nets or create openings the nibbed side of the clip should be placed on the side of the nbet that will remain fixed and the open side of the clip placed on the side of the net that is removable.

Use one S-Clip per mesh of net

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