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Respair E Disposable P3 Valved Face Mask
Respair E Disposable P3 Valved Face Mask
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  • P3 valved face mask, industrial quality disposable respirator
  • Suitable for use against solid and liquid particulates including oil-based mists
  • Ideal for use during infestation clean-ups and application of insecticides
  • Contour fit with fast-flow valve for easy breathing / speaking
  • Conforms to EN149:2001 FFP3V


Disposable, economy, single-use P3 valved face mask suitable for use against solid and liquid particulates including oil based mists


Conforms to EN149:2001 FFP3V

Used to provide respiratory protection against a range of airborne particulates associated with clearing pest bird and rodent infestations and the application of commercial insecticides


Fitting Instructions

1. Hold the mask firmly and place the bottom headband over the head to the nape of the neck

2. Place the mask under the chin, then over the nose, putting the top headband over the crown of the head

3. Ensure a good fit by pulling back the side clips on to the face and adjust for comfort.

4. Ensure that the nose clip is moulded around the nose securely.

Instructions For Use

1. Suitable for use against solid and liquid particulates including oil based mists.

2. This product does not protect against gases or where oxygen levels are below 17%.

3. Do not use when concentrations or contaminants are unknown or dangerous to life.

4.Leave the work area if distress or dizziness occurs.

5. Do not alter or modify the product in any way.

6. This product is intended for single use only and must not be used for more than 8 hours(NR).

7. Replace mask if contaminated or if breathing becomes difficult.

8. Facial hair may affect the efficiency of the product

9. Do not use in an explosive area.

10. Ensure the product is suitable for the intended use.

11.Place/protect the product when not in use in its original packaging.

12.Store within +5 to +32 degrees centigrade. Store at less than 80% RH

Notice To Purchaser & User

Whilst every endeavour has been made to cover every eventuality, we will not be held responsible for material or corporal damage caused by wrong selection or wrong adjustment on the face of our respirators. Please check that the protection offered is sufficient for the type and nature of the hazard.

Quantity Discounts

5 +  3.7210 +  3.52
GC086 Respair E Disposable P3 Valved Face Mask3.99Each ex.VAT
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