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Rail Clamps 10 Pack
Rail Clamps 10 Pack
Rail Clamps 10 Pack
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  • Adjustable stainless steel rail clamps for use with Pigeon and Seagull Rail Posts
  • Used to attach post and wire by clamping the foot on the post to the rail or pipe
  • Use the 7mm hexagonal slotted screw to adjust the clamp to fit the rail
  • Rail posts must be ordered seperately see section above
  • 25mm - 165mm rail clamps from stock. Other sizes to special order


Stainless steel 18/8 construction

Sold in packs of 10

Fits both Pigeon Rail Clamp Posts (PW234) and Seagull Rail Clamp Posts (PW235)

Non perforated band design

Use 7mm hex-head nut spinner to tighten the adjuster.


Use at max 1.5m spacings with either a Pigeon Rail Clamp Post (PW234) or a Seagull Rail Clamp Post (PW235)

Can also be used as an anckor point on its own without a post to secure counter tension wires

Undo the rail clamp fully and gently prize it apart just enough to allow it to be fitted around the rail or pipe.

Re-assemble the rail clamp but leave it loose with enough gap between it and the rail or pipe to allow the pigeon/seagull post to be slid underneath.

Place the pigeon post or gull post into position on the rail or pipe

Slide the rail clamp ito position over the foot of the pigeon/seagull post.

rotate the clamp until thwe adjuster is in the optimum position where it is going to be least visible

tighten the rail clamp aduster with either 7mm nut spinner, 7mm ratchet socket wrench or flat-bladed screw driver, until the pigeon / seagull post is securely held in position

Rail Clamps 25mm - 35mm Diameter Range 10 Pack (PW236)24.2410 Pack ex.VAT
Rail Clamps 45mm - 60mm Diameter Range 10 Pack (PW237)18.7910 Pack ex.VAT
Rail Clamps 60mm - 80mm Diameter Range 10 Pack (PW238)24.1010 Pack ex.VAT
Rail Clamps 90mm - 120mm Diameter Range 10 Pack (PW239)28.3610 Pack ex.VAT
Rail Clamps 135mm - 165mm Diameter Range 10 Pack (PW240)32.7810 Pack ex.VAT
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