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Prowler Owl
Prowler Owl
Prowler Owl
Prowler Owl
Prowler Owl
Prowler Owl
Prowler Owl
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  • Decoy Prowler Owl predator decoy with realistic wings that move in the wind
  • Dynamic airfoil wings create flapping movements and sounds in the breeze
  • Huge 120cm (4 feet) wing span in lifelike hunting pose with realistic plumage markings.
  • The most realistic predator on the market with life size accurate markings.
  • Mounts on a broom handle, patented "flapping" wings move in the wind.
  • Life-like large glassy eyes intimidate target birds


Most realistic predator on the market with life size accurate markings. Spanning nearly 4 feet with patented flapping wings.

Dimensions: 44" wigspan, 23" total head-to-tail, 6" head diameter

Materials: Head = hard plastic resin, body & wing = extra durable non-woven fabric supported by flexible cables and riveted plastic struts.

Mounting: Place neck opening on a 1/2" diameter pole

Weight = 2lbs


Anywhere pest birds cause problems.

  • Gardens
  • Boat Moorings / Pontoons
  • Balconies
  • Patios / Decking
  • Ridge Lines
  • Chimney Stacks
  • Industrial Roofs
  • Playing Fields & Sports Pitches
  • Airfields & Aprons
  • Car Sales Lots
ALWAYS: Clear old nests, nest debris and bird droppings away thoroughly from the affected area prior to installation of the Prowler Owl .

ALWAYS: Mount the Prowler Owl above the height of the infesting birds to achieve maximum results.

ALWAYS: Ensure the mounting position creates a silhouette of the Prowler Owl against the skyline for maximum visibility deterrent effect.

DO NOT: Place Prowler Owl where it may be subject to high winds, remove decoy owl when high winds are forecast.

DO NOT: Place the Prowler Owl where it can not be easily seen by the birds as this will have a negative impact on its effectiveness.

DO NOT: Install the Prowler Owl below the height of the pest birds as this will negate its deterrent effect, ALL birds of prey kill with their talons and therefore have to dive upon their prey from above.

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