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Pigeon Wire Half Round Ridge Bracket 3-Post X 90mm
Pigeon Wire Half Round Ridge Bracket 3-Post X 90mm
Pigeon Wire Half Round Ridge Bracket 3-Post X 90mm
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  • Stainless steel ridge bracket designed to facilitate pigeon wire installations along ridge lines
  • Supports three parallel runs of wire along roof ridge
  • Prevents pigeons from fouling ridges
  • 90mm X 4mm single head posts
  • Can be screwed down, clamped down or glued in positioned (preferred)


Stainless steel ridge bracket designed to carry three parallel runs of wire along roof ridges to keep pigeons from landing on the ridge tiles and fouling them

The bracket base is designed to fit round ridge/hip tiles.

The posts are each 90mm tall X 4mm in diameter, with eyelets stamped in their tops as per the normal pigeon posts.


For Use in protecting half-round roof ridges from perching feral pigeons and preventing the roof from being affected by bird droppings.

Use as a low-profile alternative to bird spikes on low pressure bird infestations.

Brackets can be fixed to ridges in three different ways.

  • Bonding, preferred method, strongest (remove legs)
  • Mechanical Fix using screws in the holes provided, (remove legs) requires drilling of the ridge tile
  • Clamping using the legs of the bracket to clamp under the ridge tile, may require digging-out of mortar

The bonding method is ideal for fragile tiles that do not take kindly to drilling. Ensure ridge tile is clean and dry and has been primed with adhesive prior to fitting bracket. Ensure that the bracket has been de-greased on the underside using surface activator. Leave for 24 hours to fully cure before wiring.

1. Install brackets at no more than 1.5m centres

2. Install counter tension wires and screw pin anchor at each end of the ridge line without springs.

3. Run wires, stopping and starting at each bracket with a crimp and spring (do not run wires through the bracket)

4. Ensure wires are under load from the springs, but do not over-stretch the spring, leave some spring travel for when birds attempt to land.

PW213 Pigeon Wire Half Round Ridge Bracket 3-Post X 90mm10.99Each ex.VAT
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