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Peregrine Falcon Decoy
Peregrine Falcon Decoy
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  • Decoy Peregrine Falcon
  • 41cm (16 inches) tall with realistic eyes for maximum impact
  • Ideal for use in support of bio-acoutic deterrents
  • Free standing, can be filled with sand or cement for added stability


Plastic Peregrine Falcon, 41cm, great to use for scaring pest birds away.

Ideal for use in support of the installation of ultrasonic or audible audio deterrents.

Free Standing, can be filled with sand for added weight.


Must be placed as high up as possible, preferably above the pest birds for maximum threat posture.

Ideally the bird should be silhouetted against the skyline for maximum effect.

Static decoys must be re-located regularly to maintain their deterrent effect.

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4 +  14.2510 +  13.50
VD341 Peregrine Falcon Decoy15.00Each ex.VAT
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