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Irri-Tape Bird Repeller Ribbon
Irri-Tape Bird Repeller Ribbon
Irri-Tape Bird Repeller Ribbon
Irri-Tape Bird Repeller Ribbon
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  • A lightweight, durable, bird-repelling tape that uses reflected light.
  • Made from tough weatherproof 100 micron ribbon
  • Available in 7.5m, 30m and 150m lengths
  • Mounting Brackets Included
  • Fixed in loose streamers, it catches the wind and sunlight


Bird Repeller Ribbon combines holography, wind and light to irritate pest birds' senses and create an "off limits" zone against them.

Lightweight, durable, maintenance-free bird repelling product so versatile it keeps suggesting new and effective applications.


The bird repeller ribbon flashes as it moves with the wind. Reflecting sunlight, or any light, it produces constantly changing colors and patterns. This brilliant, flashing ripple effect is picked up by the bird pests as an unsettling danger signal. Whether seen as a predator or a rival for food or space, birds will not ignore this potential menace. It's properties keep unwanted bird pests away in several ways.

Pest birds are also deterred by the metallic noise the material gives off when caught by the slightest breeze.

Irri-Tape Bird Repeller Ribbon - 7.5 Metres (TAPE-25)8.51Each ex.VAT
Irri-Tape Bird Repeller Ribbon - 30 Metres (TAPE-100)42.94Each ex.VAT
Irri-Tape Bird Repeller Ribbon - 150 Metres (TAPE-500)171.77Each ex.VAT