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Fix All Crystal Super Clear SMX Hybrid Polymer Adhesive - Soudal
Fix All Crystal Super Clear SMX Hybrid Polymer Adhesive - Soudal
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  • Case deal: Buy 10 get 2 extra free. 100% transparent & flexible
  • Use on porous or non-porous surfaces. Fix All is clear and over-paintable once cured.
  • Can be applied to steel, masonry, timber, aluminium, lead, zinc, plastics, glass, marble etc
  • Super strong adhesive, fast curing even at low temperatures. Final strengths in 24-hours.
  • Extremely durable, neutral cure, weatherproof and waterproof adhesive, ideal for use in damp conditions


Manufactured in Belgium. Fix All Crystal adhesive is based on MS Polymer technology. It is a moisture cure adhesive for us on all common construction materials.

Cure time 24-hours

Fix All High Tack Crystal contains no solvents, halogens, isocyanates or acids and is virtually odourless.

Fix All Crystal stays permanently flexible once cured

For a full specification and COSHH details please download the material safety data sheet.


For use in fixing bird spikes, daddi long legs and post & wire surface-mount bases to damp or humid surfaces, plus many more applications. This SMX Hybrid Polymer Adhesive has a high initial grab that enables it to be used on stonework and brickwork that has not fully dried after rainfall.

One tube will lay :

  • 5 metres of bird spikes
  • 5 Daddi Long Legs
  • Up to 20 surface mount bases

Available in Clear (Fix All Crystal)

Substrates should be clean and free of dust and grease. Apply Fix All in beads or dots on one surface, press together firmly and leave to cure. Replace cap after use.

Not suitable for PE, PP or Teflon without the use of Surface Activator.

Instructions and Technical Guide

Fix All Crystal Data Sheet

Fix All Crystal Data Sheet

Fix All Crystal Super Clear SMX Hybrid Polymer Adhesive (BS337)6.98 290ml ex.VAT
Fix All Crystal Super Clear SMX Hybrid Polymer Adhesive - Buy 10 Get 2 Extra FREE (BS337-CASE)69.79Case of 12 ex.VAT
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