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Disposable Priming Glue Brush
Disposable Priming Glue Brush
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  • Used for driving adhesive into masonry surfaced to seal them prior to bonding bird proofing products
  • Ensures the strongest possible bond between the product and the masonry substrate
  • Use with our Soudal Silirub N Spike Adhesive BS327, or our Fix All High Tack adhesives BS333
  • See our spike installation guide for more details of using this product when installing bird spikes
  • Simply dispose of after use


Disposable plastic brush with Nylon bristles, single use


Glue brushes are a disposable tool used for priming / sealing porous surfaces prior to bonding bird proofing products to them. By doing this the process creates a stable, sticky colloid to which the product can be strongly adhered to to provide the longest possible service life.

Popular applications include mounting:

  • Bird Spikes
  • Bird Wire Ridge Brackets
  • Surface Mount Bases
  • Daddil Long Legs Bases
  • Surface Mount Speaker Brackets

To any masonry substrate including:

  • Ridge tiles
  • Parapets
  • Chimney flaunching
  • Chimneypot rims
  • Clay chimney cowls

Compatible adhesives include our Silirub N, Fix All High Tack, Fix All Crystal and Fix All Turbo

BS335 Disposable Priming Glue Brush0.78Each ex.VAT
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