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Defender 4mm Bird Post Surface-Mount Base - Grey - 333mm
Defender 4mm Bird Post Surface-Mount Base - Grey - 333mm
Defender 4mm Bird Post Surface-Mount Base - Grey - 333mm
Defender 4mm Bird Post Surface-Mount Base - Grey - 333mm
Defender 4mm Bird Post Surface-Mount Base - Grey - 333mm
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  • Drastically cuts installation time, reduces drilling
  • Each strip protects up to 333mm of ledge
  • Can be glued or screwed into position
  • Suitable for both pigeon & seagull wire systems
  • Ideal for fragile masonry substrates where drilling could cause damage
  • Ideal for non-penetrateable substrates including lead sills, parapets etc


The UV stabilized polycarbonate base replaces the need for individual posts. Each 33.3 cm moulded strip can hold up to 11 posts. This system means the first post is taken right up to the very front of the leading edge even if rounded or missing. Any small sections that are uneven or damaged are simply bypassed and supported by the rest of the base. No measuring is required as the spacing between the posts is already in place at the correct intervals which makes installation quick and easy.

Once installed the patented base uses Anti-topple stabilizers which prevent the posts from inward collapse. If a large bird attempts to land on the wires, the force of the bird is shared down the length of the strip and the anti topple stabilisers, making it impossible for the Post and Wire to collapse in on itself.

Each strip is multipurpose, with pre-measured spacing's of 63mm for pigeons, 95mm for seagulls and 32mm for the smaller species such as sparrows, blackbirds and starlings and the heavier overnight infestations.


Ideal for protecting ledges, parapet copings, window sills.

User must ensure alternating heghts for parallel rows to prevent birds straddling posts of the same height.

Reduce installation time by up to 50% with the New Defender Bird™ Post and Wire Holders The newly designed system requires no drilling, no measuring and no power tools and therefore protects the building, allowing no water ingress and creates no damage from stress fractures.

There are 10 breakable sections along the base of the Defender Bird Post and Wire system that can simply be snapped apart with your fingers to shorten the strip if required. There are also over 50 holes through which the fixing adhesive oozes when pressed into position. This creates a lock to give a strong permanent hold.

Instructions and Technical Guide

Post & Wire Product Specification

Post & Wire Product Specification

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PW313 Defender 4mm Bird Post Surface-Mount Base - Grey - 333mm£3.00Each ex.VAT
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