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Counter Tension Beam Clamp 20mm - Stainless Steel
Counter Tension Beam Clamp 20mm - Stainless Steel
Counter Tension Beam Clamp 20mm - Stainless Steel
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  • Stainless steel counter tension anchor clamp with 20mm jaw size.
  • Anchor-point for counter-tensioning post & wire systems mounted on gutters & steelwork.
  • Max gutter / flange thickness 20mm.
  • Requires a 10mm spanner to tighten nut.
  • Use one clamp at each end of a run of post and wire to prevent posts leaning inwards.


Stainless steel 20mm clamp with a 10mm bolt head clamp


Stainless steel counter tension clamps for post and wire systems are used for providing a counter-tension anchor point on gutter lines and structural steelwork, on to which the post and wire system is terminated.

The wire that runs down to the clamp from the initial and final post head in the run of wire should not be sprung, but instead be fixed to provide a rigid counter tension effect against the spring tension in the system.

The use of counter tension anchors in post and wire systems is essential to prevent the posts leaning inwards against the spring pressure.

PW289 Counter Tension Beam Clamp 20mm - Stainless Steel14.3710 Pack ex.VAT
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