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Bird Wire Combi Crimp and Cut Tool
Bird Wire Combi Crimp and Cut Tool
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  • Pliers with specially shaped jaws for crimping Nickel Crimps on to Pigeon Wire
  • Specifically designed for crimping pigeon and gull wire crimps
  • Also features a cutter tool


Spring-loaded steel pliers with PVC-coated handles, featuring a specially shaped crimping jaw that effectively closes our Nickel Crimps securely on to Pigeon Wire for non-slip termination.


These pliers are used for crimping PW208 Nickel Crimps in Pigeon Wire installation, the built-in cutter can also be used to cut our stainless steel pigeon wire PW200, PW201, PW202 & PW303.

If you are feeling strong this tool can also be used to crimp PW228 1mm copper ferrule crimps onto our Gull Wire PW225, PW249, PW250 & PW251, though we would recommend the use of NT143 1mm - 2.5mm Ferrule Ratchet Crimp Tool - Standard FOR THIS PURPOSE.

PW241 Bird Wire Combi Crimp and Cut Tool20.99Each ex.VAT
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