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Bird Proof Repellent Liquid 1 US Gallon 3.8 Litres
Bird Proof Repellent Liquid 1 US Gallon 3.8 Litres
Bird Proof Repellent Liquid 1 US Gallon 3.8 Litres
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  • Ideal for use in protecting trees & fruit bearing bushes from pest birds
  • Can also be applied to structures to repel birds including beams, sills, ledges
  • Non-toxic liquid makes a surface sticky and uncomfortable to birds.
  • 1 gallon treats 120 square feet of surface
  • Effective for up to a full year or longer
  • *Do not apply to porous stone without first sealing the stonework


Bird Proof is a long lasting, non-poisonous, tacky bird repellent for use on ledges, sills, beams, rafters and hundreds of other indoor and outdoor locations where nuisance birds alight or roost.

When applied according to instructions, Bird Proof repellent is transparent and can effectively discourage pigeons, starlings, house sparrows and certain other nuisance birds from roosting on or returning to a treated area for up to one year.


Spray or paint onto various surfaces giving broad coverage.

Brush onto the top surface to be treated or apply by sprayer. Hand pumped sprayers or mechanical equipment may be used with a discharge pressure of 40 to 50 p.s.i.

Do not dilute the liquid; thoroughly shake or mix it prior to use.

Surfaces to be treated must be clean, free of dust, and dry. Use Surface Cleaner to de-grease surfaces prior to application if necessary.

*Seal porous masonry surfaces prior to application using a proprietary stonework sealer, this is necessary to prevent the product sinking into the masonry and causing permanent staining

We recommend the use of disposable gloves, disposable tyvek suit and safety goggles whilst using this product, due to the viscous, tacky nature of the liquid.

Instructions and Technical Guide

BirdProof Gel and Liquid Instructions

BirdProof Gel and Liquid Instructions

Material Safety Data Sheet

Material Safety Data Sheet

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BR246 Bird Proof Repellent Liquid 1 US Gallon 3.8 Litres75.68Each ex.VAT
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